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Accessing NDIS Support in Southeast Queensland

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The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has been a transformative program that has brought significant positive changes to the lives of people with disabilities in Australia.

One of the key aspects of the NDIS is the accessibility of its services across various regions. Path to Independence is now servicing locations in Southeast Queensland, specifically in Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich and the Gold Coast.

These locations serve as vital hubs for NDIS participants, ensuring they can access the support and services they need to enhance their quality of life and achieve their goals.

NDIS in Brisbane

Brisbane, as the capital city of Queensland, plays a crucial role in providing NDIS services to a significant number of participants.

There are numerous service providers located throughout all parts of Brisbane where participants can access a variety of supports, such as support coordination, community access, home and living supports, plan management, allied health services and various other disability-related supports.

We at Path to Independence specialise in community access, in-home supports, and home and living supports such as supported independent living (SIL).

Brisbane NDIS Services
Gold Coast NDIS Services

NDIS in Gold Coast

The Gold Coast, known for its stunning beaches and vibrant lifestyle, also has several NDIS service providers delivering various supports to participants with a wide range of needs.

Our team at Path to Independence deliver a range of supports such as assistance with daily life, community participation, and home and living supports including short-term accommodation (STA), individualized living options (ILO), and supported independent living (SIL).

NDIS in Ipswich

Ipswich, located west of Brisbane, is another significant location for NDIS services in Southeast Queensland.

Services provided can include assistive technology assessments, therapeutic supports, allied health services, support coordination, and day-to-day assistance.

The focus of these services is designed to empower NDIS participants to develop skills to live more independently and achieve goals.

Ipswich NDIS Services
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Logan NDIS Services
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NDIS in Logan

Logan, a city situated between Brisbane and the Gold Coast, is also well-served by NDIS providers.

Participants in Logan can access various disability-related supports, including support for mental health, employment, and community participation.

Our team provides person-centred care to support participants to work towards greater independence and having an improved quality of life.

Collaboration between NDIS Locations:

The NDIS operates with a collaborative approach, ensuring seamless support and services for participants across different regions.

NDIS locations in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich, and Logan work together to provide comprehensive and coordinated care.

This collaboration enhances the effectiveness of the NDIS, enabling participants to receive support tailored to their unique needs and preferences.

The NDIS has transformed the lives of people with disabilities in Southeast Queensland, fostering independence, choice, and control.

The accessibility of NDIS locations in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Ipswich, and Logan ensures that participants can easily access the services they require.

Whether it’s support coordination, therapy services, or assistive technology, the NDIS provides a holistic approach to empower individuals with disabilities to achieve their goals and lead fulfilling lives.

As the NDIS continues to expand its reach and impact, it reaffirms its commitment to creating an inclusive and supportive community for all Australians with disabilities.