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Assistance with Daily Life, community Access and Social Participation

NDIS Assistance with Daily Life

Assistance with Daily Life
community access & social participation

At Path to Independence, we provide high-quality, compassionate, and personalised assistance with daily life as part of our NDIS services.

We also extend our support beyond daily life tasks to provide meaningful assistance with community access and social participation. We understand the importance of social inclusion and participation in leading a fulfilling life.

Our Assistance with Daily Life Services

As part of our pledge to deliver excellent care, we offer a variety of assistance services designed to make daily living more manageable and enjoyable. These include:

Personal Activities Assistance

Our trained professionals are here to assist with everyday personal tasks. We aim to provide support that respects your privacy and dignity.

Domestic Activities Assistance

We can lend a hand in maintaining a tidy and organised living environment. This includes support with general household tasks like cleaning, doing the laundry, and shopping for groceries.

Transport Services

Our dedicated team can assist you in reaching various destinations, be it a medical appointment, social gathering, or your workplace. This service is designed to facilitate participation in community activities and to encourage social interaction.

Health and Wellbeing

We believe in holistic care. As such, we assist with activities that contribute to overall health and wellbeing, such as medication management and scheduled exercises.

Develop Skills

Our team supports in developing or enhancing skills that promote independence and participation in everyday life. This may involve learning how to use public transport, managing finances, or developing social skills.

Our Assistance with Community Access and Social Participation

Our primary goal is to facilitate an environment where you feel comfortable, engaged, and connected within your community. We work meticulously to ensure that the path to community access and social participation is not a solitary journey, but one filled with support, guidance, and companionship.

Support to Participate in Community Activities

We provide the necessary assistance to assist you take part in community activities and events. This could be attending local festivals, participating in clubs or groups, or enjoying social events within your local community.

Navigating Public Spaces

Our team can guide you through using public transport, visiting public facilities like libraries or leisure centres, and overall, help you to confidently navigate through public spaces.

Developing Social Skills

Through personalised guidance and encouragement, we help you to develop or refine social skills that foster improved interaction and communication with others.

Creating Connections

Building meaningful relationships is key to integrating within the community. We aid in creating connections, nurturing friendships, and establishing a robust support network.

Why Choose Path To Independence?

Path to Independence is more than just a service provider. We are a dedicated partner on your journey towards leading a more independent life. We are committed to:
To learn more about our assistance with daily life and other NDIS services, please feel free to contact us.

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