What Are The Benefits Of Short-Term Accommodation?

What Are The Benefits Of Short-Term Accommodation?

Short-term accommodation, also known as respite, is a form of funding support provided by the NDIS for NDIS participants to have a short time away from their usual care environment. At Path to Independence, we provide short-term accommodation to NDIS participants, supplying them with all of the care and support they need. In this latest update, the Path to Independence team will be sharing a number of the key benefits of short-term accommodation for NDIS participants, their families, and their carers.

Enjoy New Experiences

A change of scenery for a short period of time is a great option for NDIS participants. Short-term accommodation enables NDIS participants to enjoy new experiences in a new environment without losing access to important support services. Through short-term accommodation, those living with a disability will still be provided with the level of support they need to live their best life.

Rest For Carers & Family Members

Another benefit of respite, or short-term accommodation, is that it provides carers and unpaid family members with a chance to recharge their batteries and rest for a short period of time. Caring takes a lot of energy and with respite, carers and family members can recharge and provide even better care afterward. Choosing a short stay in respite will help to strengthen your core support system.

Meet New People

The social aspect of short-term accommodation is another great benefit for people living with a disability to consider. Through short-term accommodation, NDIS participants can meet new people in a supporting, safe and caring environment.

Receive All The Care & Support You Need

At Path to Independence, we aim to provide you with all the support services, and care you need to live your best and most independent life. Through our short-term accommodation service, you can rest assured that you won’t miss out on the support services you rely on.

Prepare To Move Out Of Home

Are you preparing to move out of your home? Short-term accommodation is one of the best ways to prepare. You will be able to adjust to a new environment whilst still having access to core support services through our friendly and experienced team of support workers.

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