Why You Should Choose Path to Independence | NDIS Service Provider

Why You Should Choose Path to Independence

You can rely on the experienced, compassionate and friendly team at Path to Independence for your disability support needs. We are a local registered NDIS service provider offering a range of disability support services to help increase your independence and your quality of life. In this blog update, we will be sharing some more information on why you should choose Path to Independence for your disability support service needs.

Who We Are

Path to Independence is a registered NDIS service provider. We were established to provide high-quality care and support services to those living with a disability in our community. The Path to Independence team is committed to providing you with the support, care and compassion you deserve, helping to improve your quality of life and level of independence. We are here to help you live your best life. Click here if you would like to find out more about us.

We Deliver High-Quality, Individualised Care

At Path to Independence, we are committed to delivering high-quality, individualised care. It is our mission to provide the best quality care we can for NDIS participants. We do this by focusing on our core values:

  • Integrity and professionalism
  • Respect
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Cultural responsiveness
  • Working together, and
  • Promoting self-determination

With the Path to Independence team, you will never feel like just another number. You are a valued member of our community and our family and that is exactly how we will treat you. Click here if you would like to find out more about our mission, our values and our core disability support services.

We Offer A Range Of NDIS Support Services

One of the primary reasons we have become a leading disability services provider is that we have a wide range of disability service offerings. Our disability support services include assistance with daily life, social and community participation, Individual Living Options (ILO), Short-Term Accommodation (STA), Medium-Term Accommodation (MTA) and Supported Independent Living (SIL). Are you interested in one of our disability support services? You can find out more about our range of NDIS services on our website by clicking here.

We Have A Wide Service Area

At Path to Independence, we provide our NDIS disability support services across Southeast Queensland, including Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Ipswich and Logan City. You can find out more about our service area and our NDIS disability support service on our website here.

Get In Touch With Path to Independence

Would you like to contact the Path to Independence team to enquire further about our NDIS support services? You can get in touch with us at Path to Independence by calling 1800 522 881 or emailing us at [email protected]. Alternatively, you can also contact us through our website by clicking here.

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